High Frequency Horns

P.Audio offers a wide variety of high frequency horns. There are over 19 horn designs available to mate with the P.Audio compression drivers. All P.Audio horns feature industry standard throat diameters and are compatible with may other brands of compression drivers. Adaptors are also available to mate both P.Audio horns to competitive compression drivers and P.Audio compression drivers to competitive high frequency horns. Each horn is optimized for a specific radiation pattern and application. P.Audio offers both short throw ( 90x40 nominal patterns) and medium throw (60 x 40 nominal patterns) horn patterns to provide a full acoustic coverage solution to any room or environment.

P.Audio introduces a new family of constant directivity horns, the P series. These three models, the P94, P64, and P85 are professional quality horns. Two of the new models, the P94 and P64 are also fully rotatable. Because the mouth geometry is square the horizontal and vertical radiation patterns may be alternated in any mounting configuration. As an example, the P94, which produces a 90 degree horizontal by 40 degree vertical pattern may be rotated 90 degrees to produce a 40 degree horizontal pattern and a 90 degree vertical pattern. This feature is extremely useful in enclosed spaces where specific coverage areas must be achieved.

A variety of throat diameters and mounting configurations are available. The full product line may be searched by using the product search engine. Information may also be reviewed simply by clicking on the highlighted words in the above product description.