High Frequency Line Array Devices

P Audio offers a variety of professional line array wave guides for integration into modern line array systems. The P Audio devices utilize a converging lens technology designed to mate with either large format (1.4") or small format (1.0") exit diameter compression drivers. These converging lens waveguides are offered with P Audio designed large format or small format drives. The CL35 family are for use with 1.4" exit drivers and the CL25 family are for use with 1.0" drivers.

P Audio also offers a secondary 90 degree included angle (horizontal plane) flare that will mate with either the CL35 or CL25 devices. This device is the PH-WG and is used to set the final horizontal radiation angle of a line array high frequency system.

In addition to the high frequency wave guide products we have also included a technical applications paper designed to explain both the theory of these devices as well as practical applications.