AM Series


P-Audio AM-15LF 600W 15 Inch Low Frequency Driver with 3 Inch Voice Coil

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The AM-15LF is a 15 inch (389mm) diameter loudspeaker designed for use in two way and three way professional sound reinforcement and public address systems. The AM-15LF features a Ferrite based permanent magnet design coupled to an aluminum die cast chassis. The AM Series design uses an extremely reliable 3 inch (76.2mm) voice coil design that utilizes state of the art construction processes. The voice coil is an edge wound aluminum based wire that uses rectangular geometry to achieve very high electro-magnetic conversion efficiency.

The AM uses a newly developed cone material that features high internal mechanical damping. This cone design provides for very intelligible mid band response as well as superb vocal range clarity. The AM-15LF was designed to operate in the 45Hz to 1500Hz range. The performance and reliability of this design make it an excellent choice for systems that require long term operation and consistency. Because of its high performance and high efficiency, the AM-15LF may be used as the low frequency device when high output and high efficiency compression drivers and horns are used for the high frequency section of a professional sound reinforcement system.