Challenger Series II


P-Audio C-12MB 800W 12 Inch Low Frequency Driver with 4 Inch Voice Coil

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The C-12MB has been designed specifically for use as a mid basstransducer. This 12 inch (315mm) diameter driver has been optimized for use as either a direct radiator mid bass driver or for use in a hornloaded mid bass design. The Challenger series II C-12MB is optimized for a combination of low frequency response and efficiency. The C-12MB has been designed for maximum efficiency thru the operating range of 60Hz to 2000Hz.The frequency range of 120Hz to 2000Hz is the critical mid band range where vocal fundamentals as well as fundamentals of most musical instruments are found.This area is critical to system clarity and intelligibility and the C-12MB, with its newly developed highly damped cone material, is optimized.

The large format 4 inch (101.6mm) voice coil diameter produces alarge cross sectional area for maximum heat transfer and power compression. The rectangular geometry voice coil provided a professional level of power handling and critical reliability. Like all models in the Challenger Series II, the C-12MB features a large diameter Ferrite based permanent magnet coupled to an aluminum die cast chassis. Because of its very high efficiency design, the C-12MB is designed for mid bass applications only. For system designs where additional bass is required the C-12MB is a superior choice.