Challenger Series II


P-Audio C-15LF 800W 15 Inch Low Frequency Driver with 4 Inch Voice Coil

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The P Audio C-15LF is a 15 inch (386mm) diameter transducer designed for use in professional sound system applications.The C-15LF is optimized for use in two way and three way system designs where a combination of accurate bass response and excellent vocal fundamental response is specified.The Challenger Series II C-15LF uses a Ferrite based permanent magnetic system coupled to a rigid die cast aluminum chassis. The rated bandwidth is 55Hz to 2000Hz. This bandwidth is ideal for two way system designs where the high frequency response is produced by a high efficiency horn loaded compression driver. The C-15LF has been designed to produce an excellent efficiency bandwidth product that combines both great low frequency response with high sound pressure level capability. Like all transducers in the Challenger Series II, the C-15LF uses a large format permanent magnet system and an aluminum edge wound rectangular voice coil to produce both optimum efficiency and power handling. The large voice coil diameter 4 inch (101.6mm) provided a large cross sectional thermal heat sink that both produces high reliability and reduced power compression. This reliability is coupled with a newly developed cone material that substantially improves mid band vocal damping and time domain response.

The C-15LF is an excellent choice for two way and three way direct radiator system designs and is ideal for both touring and fixed install public address system applications. Because the C-15LF is both efficient and offers good low frequency response this design is ideal for full range DJ and dance club systems as well.