P-Audio CL-WG Line Array Device Horizontal Angle Wave Guide

Click here to download the Datasheet (PDF)

The P Audio CL-WG is a 90 degree included horizontal angle wave guide (WG) designed to be used with the P Audio CL35 and CL25 line array converging lens devices. The CL-WG will mount directly to either the CL35 or the CL25 and has been designed to provide both wide band acoustic loading and directivity control for the high frequency section of any professional line array system. The straight wall geometry will provide constant directivity pattern control in the horizontal plane. Vertical pattern control and the consequent vertical included angle is determined by the number of CL-WG devices in a vertical orientation.

The CL-WG is a rugged aluminum die cast design and has been designed to allow multiple wave guides to be configured in a vertical stack. The CL-WG is a very high performance directivity control device and is an excellent solution for both small format and large format professional line array systems.