P-Audio CL25-BMD446 1" Throat High Frequency Line Array Device

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The P Audio CL25-BMD446 is a high frequency line array wave guide and compression driver combination . The converging lens wave guide and compression driver are designed for use in line array sound reinforcement systems or whenever planar wave-fronts are required. The CL25-BMD446 utilizes the newly developed P Audio BM-D446 high frequency driver. The Bm-D446 offers superior mid band time domain performance and excellent extended high frequency response. The basic wave guide may also be combined with the BM-D 440 or BM-D 442 drivers. The highest performance is achieved when the CL25 is coupled with the BM-D446. The CL25- BMD446 produces extremely coherent output with a rated frequency range of 1000Hz to 16kHz. The CL25-BMD446 may be used as a single device in planar front sound reinforcement systems or be stacked vertically in a two high configuration in a single enclosure for very high output line array system designs. Applications information may be found in the P Audio white paper titled CL Wave Guide Applications in the High Frequency section of the P Audio web site. ( This white paper describes basic 90 degree and 120 degree horizontal pattern control configurations typical in modern line array system designs. As an optional accessory, P Audio offers the CL-WG. The CL-WG is a secondary wave guide that mounts to the CL25-BMD446 and will produce a well controlled 90 degree included angle in the horizontal plane. The CL-WG and CL25-BMD446 are designed to be mated for use in well controlled medium and long throw line array designs.

The CL25-BMD446 is a converging acoustic lens design that achieves excellent time coherence over the entire front of the wave guide mouth. This converging acoustic lens design acts to convert the naturally diverging spherical wave fronts found in typical wave guides to a more planar, time coherent wave front suitable for use in medium and large format or arrayed linear geometry loudspeaker system designs. The physical design of the horizontal exit width allows for the addition of customer configured horizontal radiation control boundaries of up to 120 degrees or 90 degrees with the P Audio CL-WG. The addition of simple mounting holes in the front flanges allow a customer supplied control boundary (horn) to be easily mounted to the CL25-BMD446. The recommended low frequency limit of the device is 1000Hz. Although the flare rate of the device is a lower frequency, 1000Hz is recommended to provide both good loading and reliability to the selected compression driver. Optimal summing is achieved with crossover points above 1500Hz.

The CL25-BMD446 is a rugged die cast aluminum design. This thick wall die cast aluminum design offers both excellent mechanical rigidity and superior structural support for the BM-D compression driver. The CL25-BMD446 is an excellent high frequency addition for conventional two way and three way single enclosure designs and can be easily combined to stack in multiple vertical configurations. The edge to edge physical spacing of the wave guide allow for superior coupling at very high frequencies.