Flag Ship Series


P-Audio FL-12MB 800W 12 Inch Low Frequency Driver with 4 Inch Voice Coil

Click here to download the Datasheet (PDF)

The Flagship Series FL-12MB has been designed for very high output and low distortion response in both direct radiator and horn loaded mid bass system designs. The Neodymium Iron Boron permanent magnetic material provides very high mid band output efficiency and the short voice coil design insures very high acoustical conversion efficiency. Because a large percentage of total system power is located in the critical mid band frequency range, the FL-12MB utilizes an edge wound rectangular wire large format voice coil design. This design is a full 4 inch diameter (101.6mm) assembly that has been designed to provide extended reliability and controlled time domain response in the vocal range. When utilised in a 3 way system, where the FL-12MB is the mid bass component, the overall systems will produce a very clean and controlled mid bass response. The FL-12MB uses the same cone material as the FL-12LF to provide high internal damping and controlled mid band response. The suggested frequency range for this driver is 60Hz to 2000Hz.

The FL-12MB may be used in any professional touring, portable public address system or permanent installation where high output and low weight are both critical performance parameters.