P-Audio PH-2420 1" Throat Bolt-On High Frequency Horn

Click here to download the Datasheet (PDF)

The PH-2420 is a 1 inch bolt on style high frequency horn. The design features a 90 degree horizontal by 40 degree vertical radiation pattern. The PH-2420 is ideal for use in two way sound reinforcement systems where the low frequency component is a 10 inch, 12 inch or 15 inch loudspeaker. The horn may be used as part of a medium format sound reinforcement system in applications such as retail locations, foreground and background music reproduction systems and in restaurants.

The PH-2420 is an injection molded design that utilizes very high impact ABS with glass filling for additional structural support. The screw on 1 inch throat is compatible with a wide variety of P Audio compressions drivers such as the PreNeo and BMD series professional compression drivers. The acoustic loading allows the PH-2420 to be used down to 1200Hz.

The PH-2420 may be used with the following professional compression drivers. ( or any industry standard compatible driver )

  • BM-D440
  • BM-D450
  • PreNeo-450N
  • PA-DE34
Nominal Coverage Angle ( H X V): - 6 dB. 90 x 40
Cut Off Frequency ( Hz.): 600 Hz
Throat Diameter: 25.4mm. (1\")
Mounting Type: BOLT ON
Construction: Injected Polymer


Rear Height : 164mm (6.06\")
Rear Width : 211mm (8.30\")


Mount Height : 196mm (7.71\")
Mount Width : 242mm (9.52\")
Length : 135mm (5.31\")


Height : 168mm (6.61\")
Width : 212mm (8.30\")
Net Weight : 0.45kg (0.99 lbs)
Shipping Weight : 0.76kg (1.67 lbs)
Packing Dimension : 210mm x 255mm x 175mm / 8.26\" x 10.03\" x 6.88\"