P-Audio PH-4525 2" Throat Bolt On High Frequency Horn

Click here to download the Datasheet (PDF)

The PH-4525 high frequency horn design is very similar to the PH-3223 except the horn mouth width is 17.72 inches (450mm) wide. This additional width improves horizontal pattern control and extends the low frequency operation limit to below 1000Hz. The horizontal beamwidth control is superior below 1000Hz. The PH-4525 is a 2 inch (50 mm) large diameter throat design and is compatible with many P Audio PreNeo and BMD series professional compression drivers.

The PH-4525 is a high performance mid range horn designed to provide superior vocal and mid range control. The horn width makes the PH-4525 ideal for use with 15 inch loudspeakers in a professional level two way design. The horn is constructed of high impact ABS with additional glass filling for superior structural support and rigidity.

The PH-4525 may be used with the following professional compression drivers. (or any industry standard compatible driver )

- BM-D750 - PreNeo-750N