P-Audio PH-642 2" Throat High Frequency Horn

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The P Audio PH-642 is a wide bandwidth high frequency horn. The PH- 642 is a constant directivity design that features a square mouth that allows a “rotatable” directivity configuration. The PH-642 may be rotated between a 60 degree horizontal and 40 degree vertical pattern to a 40 degree horizontal by 60 degree vertical coverage pattern. The flat front design allows the PH-642 to be used in modern professional sound reinforcement systems where a flat front system geometry is specified. The included angles of 60 degree and 40 degree make the PH-642 a very high performance medium to long throw high frequency wave guide.

The PH-642 features a 2 inch (50.0mm) diameter throat and is compatible with many of P Audio’s PreNeo and BM-D series high performance compression drivers. The 2 inch throat geometry is an industry standard and this makes the PH-642 compatible with many other compression drivers as well. This throat geometry also provides for controlled beamwidths at higher frequencies. The medium format mouth area provides excellent acoustic loading to below 1000Hz, making the PH- 642 ideal for wide range and low frequency crossover points.

The PH-642 construction is a rugged glass filled ABS and is fully braced to provide excellent structural support to the mated compression driver. The horn mouth dimensions of 12 inches (315 mm) by 12 inches make the PH-642 an ideal mate for both 12 inch low frequency woofers as well as 15 inch woofers. The PH-642 is an ideal choice for professional level two way system designs where medium to long throw is required.

The PH-642 may be used with the following professional compression drivers: BM-D750, PreNeo-750N (or any industry standard compatible driver).

Nominal Coverage Angle ( Hº X Vº): - 6 dB. 60º x 40º
Cut Off Frequency ( Hz.): 400 Hz
Throat Diameter: 50.0mm(2")
Mounting Type: BOLT ON
Construction: Injected Polymer A.B.S with glass fiber filled Black Polycabonate


Rear Height : 279mm (10.98")
Rear Width : 284mm (11.18")


Mount Height : 315mm (12.40")
Mount Width : 315mm (12.40")
Length : 185mm (7.28")


Height : 281mm (11.06")
Width : 286mm (11.25")
Net Weight : 1.55kg (3.41 lbs)
Shipping Weight : 2.1kg (4.62 lbs)
Packing Dimension : 335mm x 335mm x 215mm / (13.18" x 13.18" x 8.46")