P-Audio SC-1496 1.4" Throat High Frequency Horn

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The P Audio SC-1496 is a wide bandwidth constant directivity waveguide designed for use in very high performance sound reinforcement system designs. The SC-1496 is a fully rotatable horn and features a very controlled 90 degree by 60 degree included angle radiation pattern. The design features a flat front geometry with scalloped edges that allow the SC-1496 to fit closely to the associated low frequency transducer. This feature can produce very compact enclosure designs.

The SC-1496 is an industry standard 1.4 inch (35.56mm) throat design and includes a bolt on style mounting flange. This standard throat diameter allows for a wide variety on compression driver to be used with the horn. The P Audio SC drivers that feature a 1.4 inch exit diameter are excellent companion products for the 1.4 inch SC horns.

The low frequency flare limit of 800Hz allows the SC-1496 to be used with a wide variety of low frequency devices. A minimum crossover frequency of 1200 Hz is recommended for low distortion and high reliability performance in professional applications.

The SC-1496 is an injection molded design featuring thick cross sections of very high strength glass filled ABS. The SC-1496 is an ideal choice for high performance professional sound reinforcement and public address system designs when short to medium throw requirements are specified.
General Specifications

Throat diameter 36mm / 1.4in
Nominal coverage angle (H x V) -6dB 90 x 60
Cut off frequency 800Hz
Mounting type Bolt On
Material Injection Polymer A.B.S
Unit weight 1.0 kg / 2.2lb
Shipping weight 1.5kg / 3.3lb
Packaging dimension WxDxH 280 x 280 x 160 mm

Mounting Information

Mounting dimensions
Rear height 236mm / 9.29in
Rear width 239mm / 9.41in

Overall dimensions

Mount height 270mm / 10.63in
Mount width 270mm / 10.63in
Depth 135mm / 5.31in

Baffle cutout dimensions

Height 238mm / 36in
Width 241mm / 9.49in