SN Series II


P-Audio SN-6A 200W 6" Driver 8 Ohm

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The P Audio SN-6A is a new generation high reliability/high output 6.5 inch (165mm) low frequency/full range transducer. The design features a die cast aluminum chassis and large format ferrite magnetic assembly. The SN-6A features a full 800 watts peak power handling and an AES rated 200 watt specification to insure superior output and reliability in demanding professional applications. The SN-6A is an ideal choice for use as a low frequency driver in high performance two way designs or as a very low distortion midband device in three way system designs or line arrays. The SN-6A features a Carbon fiber composite cone coupled to a high displacement half roll suspension geometry. This cone and suspension design insures excellent maximum linear excursion (Xmax). The SN-6A utilizes a large diameter voice coil design that insures both high power handling and minimized power compression. Rated sensitivity of 89dB at 1 watt/1 meter, coupled with superior power handling provides a best in class combination of efficiency and bandwidth. The SN-6A can be used in two way designs for use in small sound reinforcement products, in permanent install applications or in background/foreground music systems. The design is also well suited for 3 way sound reinforcement system designs where the SN-6A functions as a mid bass or mid range device. The SN-6A features P Audioís legendary voice coil thermal reliability and durability.