WN Series


P-Audio WN-D72 100W 2" Throat Compression Driver

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The P Audio WN-D72 is a large format compression driver that utilizes a precision formed diaphragm assembly. The diaphragm assembly is close spaced to a close spaced phase plug to insure excellent acoustic loading. The WN-D72 has an operating range of 1500Hz to 20kHz and is ideally suited for two way and three way high frequency applications in professional sound reinforcement systems. The large format diaphragm provides excellent acoustic output capacity and very low distortion.

The WN-D72 is a neodymium based magnetic system with an industry standard 2 inch (50.8mm) exit diameter. The voice coil is precision rectangular wire geometry. The mounting configuration is a standard bolt on style. P Audio offers a wide variety high frequency horns that will provide excellent pattern control and acoustic loading for the WN-D72.

The diaphragm assembly is a 2.84 inch (72.1mm) diameter treated titanium design and utilizes P Audio's very high temperature adhesive systems and precision manufacturing to insure high power handling and reliability. The construction yields a full 100 watts of power handling capacity when the crossover frequency is 1500Hz. The WN-D72 is capable of a full 200 watts of power handling capacity when a crossover frequency of greater then 2500Hz is used.