Flag Ship Series


P-Audio FL-12LF 800W 12 Inch Low Frequency Driver with 4 Inch Voice Coil

Click here to download the Datasheet (PDF)

The P Audio Flagship series offers a very high output and high reliability 12 inch diameter (315mm) loudspeaker. This design has been optimized for vocal clarity as well as full range response. The FL-12LF has been designed for use in two way systems and is also ideally suited for monitors as well. The new cone material features very high internal damping and produces very clean vocal fundamentals. The time domain response throughout the critical vocal range is excellent. The recommended frequency range for the FL-12LF is 60Hz to 2000Hz.

The FL-12LF also utilizes a large format 4 inch diameter (101.6mm) voice coil and edge wound rectangular wire for high efficiency and high reliability. This woofer is an ideal choice for 12 inch two way general purpose public address systems as well as for high output professional monitors. This voice coil design and the new Flagship Series suspension system have been optimized for a high linear excursion and wide bandwidth responses. The light weight but high output Neodymium and aluminum chassis also mean the FL-12LF is well suited for permanently installed suspended designs.